Mega Show at Thrissur

Music with
  • Fire Dance
  • Belly Dance
  • Acrobatics 
  • Fusion Dance
  • പ്രശസ്ത സിനിമാതാരം Asianet Comedy SHOW,
Mazhavil Manoram Thakarppan Comedy,
Flowers Comedy Circus
എന്നീ പ്രമുഖ ചാനൽ Comedy Show കളിൽ ഹാസ്യത്തിന് അമരക്കാരനായിരിക്കുന്ന  Sri Binu Adimali യും സംഘവും നയിക്കുന്ന പൊട്ടിച്ചിരിക്ക് മേൽ പൂമാല ചാർത്തിയ ഹാസ്യ നിശ..
FIRE DRUM Performance
WATER DRUM Performance
And NEW Generation GANAMELA...... 
പുതിയ താളം 
പുതിയ മേളം
പുതിയ ലോകം

Our shows for festival season


Our programs for temple festivals are getting popular. you can reach us at  +918089123434

Ganamela at Kollam, Kottukonam Mahavishu Temple

Kollam-templeBigband Show performed a fantaculous Ganamela at Kollam Kottukonam Mahavavishnu Temple on the festival program. The program was a great success with the support of the mass audience.











Orchestra band for Wedding

Bigband show is now focussing more on domestic events like wedding, engagements, business events, jubilees etc. Bigband Show has variety of choices to match with your budget. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance and know the prices.

Navakeralam Music Album

Bigband Show made a beautiful music album in dedication to the victims of flood in Kerala as well as those who have done tremendous effort in rescue operations. Many many thanks to the fishermen of Kerala who have put their life to save the victims.

Ganamela Troupe

Ganamela is one of the popular art form for common people of Kerala. Bigband Show is one of the best Ganamela troupes based out of Kochi, in Kerala which can perform music programs which include top hit film songs, fusion music, dances and also comedy programs like mimicry, skits etc.